Gary Cooke

Calling all visionaries and innovators! Are you ready to join forces with a dynamic and results-driven UX Design & Research Leader? I have a proven track record of building and scaling exceptional UX teams, streamlining processes, and implementing cutting-edge systems that transform user experiences.

My passion lies in crafting extraordinary User Research & Design Systems that align seamlessly with agile practices, ensuring your products exceed customer expectations at every turn. From Consumer to Enterprise, and B2B to Ed-Tech, my influence has touched countless lives across diverse industries, including A/B Testing, Construction, Video Games, Fin-Tech, and Automotive.

Together, let's embark on a journey to create revolutionary user-driven product development that leaves a lasting impact. Join me in shaping the future of UX and product design, and let's unlock the true potential of your brand!

What I Do

UX Leader

I lead with empathy and enthusiasm. I oversee diverse interdisciplinary teams, fostering relationships with both designers and stakeholders to establish design practices that people want to work with and be a part of.

Design Thinker

Uncovering big ideas gets me super excited. I love bringing together cross-disciplinary and client teams to collaboratively solve problems, and have extensive experience planning and facilitating workshops.

Human-Loving OPTIMIST

Humans are the best. I don’t advocate for users, I design for emotional, irrational, complicated humans. Connecting with them is my superpower, and I cultivate it in my design and leadership practices to try and make the world a little better.

Product Designer

I’m passionate about design. I’m a designer by trade and meticulous by nature. I have experience leading every stage of the strategic design process, from planning and research to delivery and optimization.

What Co-Workers Say...